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General Requirements

- 18 Years of Age or Older

- Clean driving record; if not, state it and why.

- No felonies; if you have one, state it and why.

- Able to commute to North Haven, CT for work.

*We will perform a background check before hiring you.

Open Positions

Events Volunteer

Want to get involved at our next event?!
The responsibilities of our volunteers will consist of various tasks such as setting up ropes and cones, assembling tents and tables, directing traffic, handing out flyers, monitoring behavior, ensuring no trash is left on the ground, and more throughout the course of our events.

On top of that, volunteers will receive a LAB goodie bag, a provided meal or food voucher, and free admission to an upcoming paid event!

Click here to apply to be a volunteer!

Certified Automotive Technician


We are seeking a full time Automotive Technician. As an Automotive Technician at the LAB, maintaining and upgrading the look and performance of vehicles will be your highest responsibility. Your goal will always be to aim for vehicles' maximum functionality and reliability and to provide exceptional customer service. Knowledge and experience with complex mechanical or electronic systems is expected, In addition; great communication skills are a must!


- Valid ASE Certification

- High school diploma or equivalent.

- Must be 18 years or older.

- Proven experience as an auto mechanic

- Excellent knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electronic components of vehicles

- Working knowledge of vehicle diagnostic systems and methods

- Ability to handle various tools and heavy equipment 

- Willingness to observe all safety precautions for protections against accidents, dangerous fluids, chemicals etc.

- Excellent physical condition

- Must be able to drive to and from North Haven, CT every week day.

- Great communication skills.

- Ability to work well in a team environment.

- Willingness to learn and improve.

- Must have a good toolbox and a large array of tools to tackle almost any job.


- Perform Maintenance & various Upgrades to vehicles that come in

- Inspect vehicle engine and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accurately

- Inspect vehicle computer and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgrade

- Conduct routine maintenance work (replacing fluids, lubricating parts etc.) aiming to vehicle functionality and longevity

- Repair or replace broken or dysfunctional parts and fix issues (e.g. leaks)

- Keep logs on work and issues

- Maintain equipment and tools in good condition

Shop Hand


As a Shop Hand at The LAB, your main role will be to assist our technicians with a variety of tasks, as well as help in other departments of The LAB when necessary. The ideal candidate will be a reliable and hardworking individual with a passion for the automotive industry.


- Assist technicians with vehicle maintenance and repair tasks.

- Clean and organize the shop and equipment.

- Maintain and organize inventory of parts and tools.

- Operate and maintain shop equipment, including lifts and tire machines.

- Provide excellent customer service by greeting customers, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments.

- Set up showroom and exterior of building for events

- Other duties as assigned.


- High school diploma or equivalent.

- Basic knowledge of automotive maintenance and repair.

- Ability to operate basic shop equipment, including lifts and tire machines.

- Good communication skills.

- Ability to work well in a team environment.

- Willingness to learn and take on new tasks.

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