Getting your vehicle customized at The LAB is an experience unlike any other service.

Free Photo & Video Shoot

All Full Builds get a complimentary photo and video shoot once finished. 

Free 100-Mile

Pickup/ Delivery

Builds over $50,000 (or $1000 flat rate up charge on any jobs under $50,000) get access to free delivery and/ or pickup within 100 miles of North Haven, CT.

Free Full Detail

All vehicles that come into our shop for a full build get completely detailed.

Free Nationwide

Pickup/ Delivery

Builds over $150,000 get access to free delivery and pickup ANYWHERE in the USA.

Early Bird Special

The first customer to bring in the first of a new model vehicle in for a full build receives 25% OFF.

What is a Full Build?

Put simply; Full Builds are considered any job where the exterior of the vehicle comes out looking entirely different than before. In most cases, full builds will include 3 of 5 categories in the build. Those 5 categories are suspension, wheels/tires, paint, wrap, custom lighting.


Browse all of the legendary possibilities for your vehicle's body.

Body Kits

Whether you want a full wide body kit on your Lamborghini or a carbon fiber aero kit for your BMW, we will supply and install with the precision only a god can possess. We are very picky with what brands we both sell and install. You can be sure that if you come to us for any custom body kit, it will leave our doors looking like it should have came out of the car manufacturers factory.

Custom Lighting

This is where we began! Custom lighting is in our blood. Trust us to build you the best custom headlights, tail lights, mirrors or anything in between to top off your full build or just to spice up your stock vehicle.

Paint To Match (PTM)

One of the most overlooked steps to a perfect build is paint matching. If you were to keep your truck bone stuck, we would at least tell you to color match it. We like to call that OEM+. In our eyes, no build is complete without the cherry on top, color matching. We can also match most wrap colors with paint, so if you wrap your entire vehicle, we can match the non-wrappable parts the same color so you don’t have to sacrifice the finished outcome just because a few pieces can’t be wrapped. (textured plastic can NOT be wrapped)


Whether you're looking to slam your supercar on coilovers or lift your truck to the moon on bags we carry the most reputable suspension companies in the industry and you can trust us to make sure it is installed with the same level of precision as your grandmother puts into cooking.

Wheels & Tires

With all of the finishes, designs, and brands to choose from. There are SO many different ways your vehicle could end up turning out. With a bad wheel/tire setup the look of your build can be ruined, no matter how good the rest of it looks. Trust us to guide you in the right direction on which wheels to go with, or just tell us to shut up and go with what you choose.


Tired of your vehicle's OEM color? Luckily there are THOUSANDS of different colors, textures and finishes that will completely transform the look of your ride! Trust us to wrap your car without any knife lines, peeling corners, bubbles, or any other of the most common annoying issues with most wrap jobs.


Feel right at home inside your vehicle, built the way you want it.

Starlit Headliners

Bringing the night sky right above your eyes. With state of the art fiber optics and endless upholstery options this will be one of your favorite modifications yet. Disconnect from reality with a shooting star package or add a personal logo, each kit is tailored to fit your style.

Sound Systems

Make your vehicle a rolling concert! We have the upgraded tweeters, door speakers, and subwoofers you need to shake things up. We also offer Custom 1-OFF designs for Sub Box Enclosures that include etched glass/wood, LED lights, and upholstery that matches your interior! If you don’t plan to upgrade door speakers, we always suggest that you at least get a sub-box to amplify your listening experience and interior ambiance!


Fashion and functionality go hand in hand when it comes to the interior of any vehicle. Do not settle for the lesser-looking spec, and let us bring your ideas to life. You are SURROUNDED by fabric that can easily be modified or upgraded to your liking. Let your mind run wild; the possibilities are endless.

Ambient Lighting

Most vehicle manufacturers have slept on the atmosphere of your interior but that does not mean you have to. Having the option to set the mood or make your ride more comfortable can feasibly be done with our custom ambient lighting. Eliminate those dark areas in your vehicle and bring some vibrancy into your life.


We'll make your vehicle ride even better than it looks.


Shed some pounds by ditching your heavy factory exhaust system for one that will amplify the sound of your engine and help you gain some power. We have plenty of options that range anywhere from a proper sports car tone to a high-pitched formula 1 race machine! You decide! 

* This service is offered to CARS ONLY.


Power is nothing without control or consistency. We offer emissions-compliant tuning so you can get the most out of your vehicles on and off the road. If it's tuning for miles per gallon or smiles per gallon, we have you covered. 

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We DO NOT work on vehicles less than $50,000 MSRP! Although, we can recommend other shops that do!