10-Lug Dually In-Between Wheel Spacers

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Introducing our MASSIVE Spacer specifically designed for dually trucks running 8 to 10 Lug Adapters and wide MT Tires. If you need a little extra clearance between the duals, this spacer is the perfect solution. Crafted from a solid plate of forged, 6061 Aluminum, these spacers are built to handle the toughest demands.

Key Features of our MASSIVE Spacer:

  1. Solid Construction: Each spacer is machined from a solid plate of forged, 6061 Aluminum, ensuring durability and strength. These spacers are built to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and heavy-duty applications.

  2. M22x1.5 Wheel Studs: We've incorporated M22x1.5 Wheel Studs into each spacer for secure mounting. These high-quality studs provide a reliable connection, giving you peace of mind while on the road.

  3. Complete Kit: The package includes (2) 10 Lug Spacers and (20) Custom M22x1.5 Open End lug nuts required to mount the spacers. With all the necessary components included, you can install the spacers quickly and efficiently.

Please note the following important information:

  • Minor Modifications: Depending on the specific brand and variations of your existing 8 to 10 Lug Adapters, minor modifications may be required. This can involve trimming wheel studs or trimming the hub centric lip on your adapter. These modifications are necessary to ensure a proper fit and compatibility with your truck.

  • Professional Installation Recommended: While the installation process can be done by experienced DIYers, we recommend professional installation for optimal results. A trained technician will ensure precise fitment and address any potential challenges during the installation process.

Upgrade your dually truck with our MASSIVE Spacer and enjoy the benefits of increased clearance and improved aesthetics. With its solid construction and reliable performance, this spacer is designed to meet the demands of your rugged adventures.

NOTE: Price is for a pair of 2

NOTE: Lug Studs may need to be trimmed back when using 1.5" - 2" spacers

*Please include truck's year, make & model in order comments!

**Please allow 1-2 weeks for order processing and shipping.