2024 Land Rover Defender Makeover

Completed May 2024

If you opt for anything less than the highest trim level of the Defender, you'll end up with a body-colored roof and textured plastic bumpers and fender flares. We transformed this base-level Defender to emulate the highest trim level, all while saving the customer thousands of dollars.

The specific customer chose this Defender because it was $10,000 cheaper than the higher trim level offered at the dealership, despite the higher trims more appealing exterior appearance. This base model featured a more attractive interior with brown leather, unlike the plain black interior of the higher trim version available. It also came with less impressive alloy wheels compared to the larger, high gloss black wheels of the higher trim Defender on the lot.

However, the owner still desired an exterior that matched the higher trim level's aesthetics. To achieve this, we removed all the textured plastics and repainted them in high gloss smooth black, wrapped the roof in high gloss black, tinted all the windows, and installed Vossen wheels and Nitto all-terrain tires for a more aggressive look.

She is thrilled with the result; it surpasses the factory higher trim level in appearance while also providing significant cost savings.

Project Synopsis

  • Painted and Smoothed Gloss Black Fender Flares, Side Skirts and Bumpers
  • GLOSS BLACK Wrapped Roof and Pillars
  • Tinted Main Tail Lights
  • Colormatched White Outer Tail Lights
  • VOSSEN High Gloss Black Wheels WITH Matching 5th Spare Wheel/Tire
  • NITTO A/T Tires
  • 5% Side/Back Window Tints & 35% Windshield Tint

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