PPF Installer

This is a Part Time Job Opening - averaging 20-30 hours a week.
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We are seeking an experienced and skilled Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installer to join our team at Legends Auto Boutique. The ideal candidate is someone who takes immense pride in their work, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for automotive excellence. You will be at the forefront of our efforts to protect and enhance the appearance of high-end vehicles, ensuring they leave our shop not only meeting but exceeding client expectations. This role demands precision, patience, and a deep understanding of vehicle contours and the technical aspects of PPF application.


  • 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Able to Commute to North Haven, CT for work
  • Clean Driving Record - Please state if you do not have one
  • No Felonies - Please state if you have one

  • Proven experience as a PPF installer or similar role in the auto customization industry.
  • Detail-oriented with a commitment to excellence and high-quality workmanship.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a team environment.
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving and the ability to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Flexibility to work with a variety of vehicle makes and models.


  • Precisely apply paint protection film to various types of vehicles, ensuring a flawless finish with no bubbles or imperfections.
  • Prepare vehicles for PPF application by cleaning and degreasing surfaces, ensuring a smooth and clean canvas for film installation.
  • Use plotter and software to cut film patterns specific to each vehicle model, minimizing waste and ensuring precise coverage.
  • Remove and reinstall vehicle components as necessary to achieve complete and seamless coverage.
  • Conduct quality inspections of your work to ensure the film's durability and effectiveness in protecting vehicle paint.
  • Stay up to date with industry standards and new techniques in PPF application to continuously improve your craft.
  • Collaborate with the team to manage workflow and ensure timely completion of projects while maintaining high-quality standards.

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