When it comes to lowering your car or truck, there are various options depending on the look and ride characteristics you're going for. There are different types of suspension systems for trucks and for cars, keep reading below to learn about the differences in these types of suspensions. Our trained sales professionals are always available to guide you in choosing the best suspension system based on your preferences and car no matter how much you already know.

5 Year Warranty on Workmanship
Incredible Aesthetic Upgrade, fills those ugly stock wheel gaps
Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Vinyl
Lower center of gravity: increases stability through turns or during emergency maneuvers
Hundreds of Colors to choose from
Improved handling
Protects paint from light road debris (nicks, scratches and minor damage)
Less rollover risk
Protects from Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
Improved traction


Lowering Springs:

Lowering springs are coil springs specifically designed to lower the ride height of a vehicle. They replace the factory springs and offer a lower spring rate, resulting in a lowered stance. Lowering springs can improve the vehicle's handling by reducing body roll and improving stability during cornering. They are a popular choice for enthusiasts looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance and performance of their vehicle. However, it's important to note that lowering springs may result in a stiffer ride and can potentially impact ride quality and comfort.

Coilover Suspension System:

A coilover suspension system combines coil springs and shock absorbers into a single unit. It offers adjustable ride height and damping characteristics, allowing for fine-tuning of the vehicle's suspension. Coilovers typically have threaded shock bodies that enable height adjustments, allowing the driver to achieve the desired ride height and performance balance. By adjusting the damping settings, coilovers can also provide a more comfortable or sportier ride. Coilovers are favored by performance-oriented drivers who want greater control over their vehicle's suspension and handling characteristics.

Air Ride Systems:

Air ride systems, also known as air suspension, utilize airbags instead of traditional coil or leaf springs. These systems use compressed air to adjust the vehicle's ride height. Air ride systems offer the flexibility of adjusting the vehicle's suspension height according to specific driving conditions or personal preferences. With the ability to raise or lower the vehicle's stance, air ride systems can provide a comfortable ride quality and adjustable ride height for various driving situations. They are particularly popular for custom and show vehicles, as they allow for dramatic adjustments and provide a smooth and adjustable suspension.


Drop Shackles:

If your truck is equipped with leaf springs, we can install drop shackles. Drop shackles are designed to lower the rear of your truck, providing a more aggressive stance and improved aesthetics.

Coils & Coilovers:

For trucks with coil suspension, we offer two options. Firstly, we can install smaller coils, which will lower the ride height of your truck while maintaining the factory coil suspension system. Alternatively, we can install coilovers, which are adjustable coil spring and shock absorber assemblies. Coilovers allow for precise ride height adjustments and provide enhanced handling characteristics.


If your truck has factory coil suspension, we can also install airbags. Airbags provide adjustable suspension support and allow you to control the ride height and overall suspension stiffness according to your preferences. They are especially useful for towing or carrying heavy loads, as they help maintain optimal suspension performance.


Our trained sales professionals are here to assist you in making an informed decision about the best suspension system for your vehicle. Whether you need guidance based on your desired look or you've already done your research and know exactly what you want, our team will ensure a seamless installation that meets your expectations.




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The Complexity of a Vehicles Suspension

The complexity of a vehicle's suspension system can vary significantly depending on the make, model, and trim level. Some vehicles, especially luxury or high-performance models, may have more advanced suspension setups with additional electronic components. These systems may require specialized tools, expertise, and more time to install the lowering kit properly, which can affect the overall cost.

The Complexity of the System being Installed

Different types of lowering systems have varying levels of complexity. For example, installing lowering springs tends to be less involved compared to installing a coilover suspension or an air ride system. Coilovers and air ride systems may require more intricate adjustments, additional components, and more labor time for installation, which can impact the overall cost.

The Vehicles Condition

The condition of the vehicle can also affect the pricing of a lowering kit installation. If the vehicle has rust, seized bolts, or other issues, additional time and effort may be required to remove and replace components. This can result in additional labor charges or the need for extra maintenance or repair work, which can increase the overall cost of the installation.

Additional Services or Modifications

SSometimes, customers may opt for additional services or modifications in conjunction with the lowering kit installation. These could include alignment adjustments, suspension component upgrades, or addressing any pre-existing issues in the suspension system. The cost of these additional services will be factored into the overall pricing of the lowering kit installation.



Is it illegal to lower your car too much?

Some states require a minimum headlight height. Each state’s laws are different. We suggest reading up on your state’s laws. In our experience, nice cars that are modified do not get bothered by law enforcement. More often than not, you may get pulled over just because they want to check out your ride. At the end of the day, it is your call whether or not you want to risk the potential tickets.

How does suspension affect car handling?

Lowering any vehicle will provide better handling since the car has a lower center of gravity.

What are the cons of lowering my car?

Though there are more pros to lowering a vehicle, of course just like any job…there are a couple cons. If you are someone who is more accustomed to a softer suspension that cushions bumps, you may want to reconsider having your vehicle lowered. It may cause uneven wear on the tires, potential bottoming out (scraping) and rubbing of the tires on the vehicle's fenders. Please discuss your options of lowering your car and how you can avoid any of these issues. There is always a height at which once you go below, you will start to scrape, rub fenders, and feel a difference in ride quality. As far as ride quality and scraping is concerned, that’s the price you have to pay to have your car look how you want it.

Do you have any loaner vehicles while my car is in the shop?

On the fence about getting work done on your car because it’s your only means of transportation. We have you covered. We do NOT have any complimentary loaner vehicles, however we do have a selection of luxury and exotic rental vehicles in which customers get 40% OFF the daily rates. Inquire with your sales rep about using one of our vehicles while your vehicle is at The LAB. See our current rental fleet here.

Do you offer a warranty on vehicle suspension systems?

We offer a LIFETIME warranty on workmanship. If something is wrong, we will take a look at the car and if it is something caused by our install. We will fix it free of charge. If there is an issue with one of the parts installed, the warranty is solely up to the manufacturer. Most manufacturers have Limited Warranties meaning they only cover their parts for so long. Each manufacturers warranty is different. *Our Workmanship Warranty is immediately void when the components are altered or touched in any way.

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