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If you’re shopping around for a vehicle wrap, you’ve likely already came across different types of warranties and pricing. The one thing you won’t see online is the true quality of a wrap. In which most cases you wont be able to see the true quality even when you pick up the car. Quality of a wrap is seen over time and after removal. In some cases, shops will use a razor blade to cut the wrap on the car and will go through the wrap into the paint leaving cut lines when the wrap is removed. Now you may be thinking, I'm selling this car with the wrap on it so it’s the next guys problem. But that person is going to find out eventually and come back to you. On the contrary, if a wrap is installed poorly, within a few days, weeks or even after its first car wash you, will see corners begin to peel up. These are issues with installation that are NOT visible in the pictures these shops post of their work online. 

My Experience Buying Vehicle Wraps

Before opening Legends Auto Boutique, I too was a customer of some of the big name local shops (and I won’t mention any names), I was a victim myself of poor wrap installations and I wanted to fix that. The car community is filled with business owners who are too focused on just pumping out the work and not caring about the quality and longevity of the product. We at Legends Auto Boutique pride ourselves on the quality of the finished wrap, how long the product stays looking like it did when it was first done, and how the car looks when the wrap is removed.

With that said, no, we are not the cheapest, no we are not the quickest. We provide a fair turn around time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your car wrap shouldn’t be either. With each job, we take the time necessary to put out an impeccable result. If you choose us, you can be sure you will leave with a smile and still be smiling a year down the road.

5 Year Warranty on Workmanship
5 Year Warranty on Workmanship
Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Vinyl
Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Vinyl
Hundreds of Colors to choose from
Hundreds of Colors to choose from
Protects paint from light road debris (nicks, scratches and minor damage)
Protects paint from light road debris (nicks, scratches and minor damage)
Protects from Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
Protects from Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
Remove at any time to reveal your still perfect as-you-left-it your factory paint
Remove at any time to reveal your still perfect as-you-left-it your factory paint





Our Wrap Installers were vetted vigorously just like the rest of the personnel working under The LAB’s roof. Our trained professionals will give you quality job worth bragging about. When your friend goes to another guy, you will be able to nit pick it and show them yours and say “this is how it’s done”. Now poor old Jimmy is going to be upset and come spend more with us to re-do his wrap when he could have saved thousands by doing it right the first time, with us.

Exotic Vehicle


2 Door Coupe

2 Door Coupe

4 Door Sedan

4 Door Sedan

Compact SUV

Compact SUV

Full Size SUV

Full Size SUV

Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck


We have hand picked the best vinyl wrap brands that have the best finish, durability and application process. Click any of our carried brands below to browse their available wrap colors.

3M, Avery, Inozetek, Hexis, KPMF


We proudly offer custom graphic installations. Have a crazy thought on how you want your exterior to look? Whether it be a fade from one color to another or a race-style wrap with logos and pinstripes, we can design your desired graphics to fit your exact vision. These types of installs are priced custom to each job as the design portion of the job can take little to no time, or it can take days. Installation can vary as well, depending on the complexity of the graphics chosen.



Wrap all chrome pieces on the vehicle in your desired color. Most choose gloss black, but you can choose satin black, matte black, or any other color under the sun.



Vehicle Size

Smaller vehicles have much less surface area to work with, resulting in less time involved in installation. Whereas larger vehicles require more time to install.

Condition of Paint

We will not Vinyl over paint is all chipped from road debris, as those chips will show right through the wrap and we will not put our name on work like that. If your paint is brand new, then you are in the clear. But if your front bumper has seen better days, it may be a good idea to repaint the bumper before wrapping. Our sales reps will gladly assist you in the best route of action when you decide to bring your car to us for wrap.

Body Lines of a Vehicle

A front bumper of an SUV will be much larger and smoother than that of a supercar where the bumper will be smaller with tighter angles and much more hard to reach spots. These difficult spots will add more time the to installation


Some brands are more expensive than others and some wraps are more than others. For example: a chrome effect wrap will cost around $2500 in just material where as a solid color wrap will cost around $700 in material. Chrome wrap is triple the thickness of normal vinyl, so the labor is also increased when using chrome wraps. The type of wrap you choose plays a large part in the total price you will pay.

Door Jambs

Door jambs are not included in pricing but ARE recommended. If your car is white and you wrap it red and you open the door, you don’t want to see the white showing. Door jambs will make out completely unnoticeable that your car is wrapped and not factory painted. Yes, there is an added cost for door jambs.



How much do your vehicle vinyl wraps cost?

Each wrap job is completely unique in it’s own way, so each job is quoted differently. Fill out the form below or call us to get your custom quote today

How long will it take to get my car back?

If you are doing a simple color change you can expect your car back in 1-2 weeks. If you start adding in custom paint and other services, of course your turn around time will be prolonged. Please speak to a sales rep to get a custom quote and see how long it should take to “wrap up” your job :)

Do you have any loaner vehicles available while my car is at your shop?

On the fence about getting work done on your car because it’s your only means of transportation. We have you covered. We do NOT have any complimentary loaner vehicles, however we do have a selection of luxury and exotic rental vehicles in which customers get 40% OFF the daily rates. Inquire with your sales rep about using one of our vehicles while your vehicle is at The LAB. See our current rental fleet here.

What options do I have for vinyl wrap colors and finishes?

There are hundreds of colors to choose from our selected brands (listed above), you can see most of the color options, in person, in our North Haven, CT Showroom. Call us to be given a run down on how to find colors online or come in and browse the possibilities with one of our experienced sales reps. Furthermore, if you see a picture of a color on a car online, feel free to share that with us and we can find either the exact color or if that color is no longer available or out of stock we will find a color as close to it as it gets.

Do you offer a warranty on vehicle vinyl wraps?

YES! 5 Year Workmanship Warranty. The ONLY shop to offer a Workmanship Warranty on Vinyl Wraps

All wrap installations come with a manufacturer warranty on the vinyl itself, meaning if there are any defects with the vinyl, the damage would need to fall under the manufacturers Warranty Policy. But not to worry, we only use wrap brands that we have tested and approved over the years. Now what happens if your wrap begins to lift, or were to just to happen to fall off (that wont happen) but whatever happens, if it was due to installation and happens within 5 Years from when you got it done here we will replace that panel free of cost, as many times as it happens.

*Warranty not transferrable when vehicle is sold

Can I wrap my car if its a lease?

Yes! Lease agreements and warranties remain in tact with a vehicle wrap. You can have us remove it before returning your car, or simply leave it as is.

How can I make sure my wrap lasts as long as possible?

First and foremost, make sure you pick the right wrap shop *us :) and there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your wrap like keeping your car parked in a shaded area when being stationary for long periods of time, not using dirty towels when wiping down after washing and never going through a bristle car wash!

Can I wrap just part of my car?

Let’s say you want your roof wrapped in black, or your ugly factory amber bumper reflectors blacked out, we offer completely custom services so whatever it is you want done we will be able to get done for you. Call us to get a custom quote today.

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